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MRF-260I Narrow Band RF Receiver 433Mhz

  • Product Code : MRF-260I


Complete Control MRF-260i RF to IR Base Station

MRF-260 base station receives RF (Radio Frequency) signals from the Complete Control handheld remote, converts the signal into IR (Infrared) commands and delivers the commands to the integrated A/V components. It uses Narrow Band RF to assure the continuity of the commands and minimize the effect of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) that often occurs in highly-populated markets.

  • MRF-260i base station with 433 frequency
  • For international and highly-populated markets
  • RF to IR base station for Complete Control system
  • Receives RF signals from handheld remote
  • Reliably delivers IR commands to A/V components
  • Uses Narrow Band RF to assure continuity of the commands
  • Minimizes effect of RFI in highly-populated areas
  • Four adjustable IR outputs, built-in front IR blaster


IR: Four adjustable IR outputs, built-in front IR blaster

Antenna: Integrated antenna

Frequency: 433 MHz

Indicator LEDs: Power and status

Power: 9V-300mA power supply

MRF-260 Owner's Manual

MRF-260 Spec Sheet

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