MX-350 10 Function Ir/RF Remote

  • Product Code : MX-350


The Universal Remote MX-350 Osiris is an easy-to-use advanced universal remote control that operates your audio and video equipment with complete satisfaction. MX-350 Osiris is a pre-programmed remote; just enter the brand name and number of your component that you want to control. You can also use its learning technology feature for any new model or brand. Osiris can control up to ten different devices; it has 472 macros for easy programming that allows you to take advantage of one-touch operation. For convenience, this remote has a LCD display as well as a LIGHT button to backlight all the buttons. It also has a non-volatile flash memory that can retain programming (without batteries) up to ten years. MX-350 Osiris transmits both infrared (IR) and radio (RF) signals for control purposes. For radio signals; use the optional addressable base stations. Use MX-350's punch through capability to change volumes for audio system or TV without switching back to AUDIO or TV. Osiris's learning feature allows it to learn commands one-button-at-a-time from your original remote; just point your original remote toward Osiris and perform some easy steps. Use the FAV button to select any of the 40 favorite channels.


  • 15-100kHz IR Signal
  • 30-50 feet IR and 50-100 feet RF Operating Distance
  • 10 Max Controlled Devices
  • Monochrome Display Colors
  • Non-volatile Flash Memory
  • Button Backlight
  • Macro Capability
  • IR and RF Signals
  • Learning Port
  • Pre-Programmed Method
  • Macro Programming
  • Punch Through
  • LCD Screen and Backlight
  • Favorite Channel


IR Signal: Yes, 15-100kHz

Others Features: IR Learning, RF Signal

Operating Distance IR: 30-50 feet

RF: 50-100 feet

Max Controlled Devices: 10

Memory: Non-volatile Flash

Size: 0.875 x 1.875" - 2.2 x 4.8 cm

Display Colors: Monochrome

Others Features: Button Backlight, Macro Capability

Battery Type: AAA x 4

Weight: 8.0 oz (226.8 g)

Dimensions: 2.4" W x 8.5" H x 1.0" D - 6.1 x 21.6 x 2.5 cm

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